bookmark_borderAlternative Social Media

Just writing up to post to draw attention to our other forms of social media that are frequently posted on.

I will draw up posts as they’re updated, but for existing content please consider viewing:
Clan Vv3 YouTube – This YouTube contains older content such as prank calls and original account jacking. Sometimes I publicize videos from the past if I’m feeling like allowing people to lol.
Clan Vv3 Bitchute – For banned YouTube content, we post on here, always diversify your social media.
Clan Vv3 Twitter – Epic le meme posts on, sometimes updates. I don’t manage this though normally.

Any ideas for uploads/content missing?
Message me Clit on Twitter


bookmark_borderOnline Gamer City is Back

Hello Internet users, I was hoping you would come back to the website.

I’m glad you did. You’re going to find some EGM (Epic Gamer Moment) content on here perhaps. Just remember, I’d rather betray the world than let the world betray me.
Halo 3 montage 2020 ^_______^.

Maybe I’ll put a list of people who are alive!!!

Signing off,