August Update

Big black guy Welfare here just informing you of some more stuff that has been owned. – 116k followers, gged.


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We’re all still gay/fat/liberal/ape.


Hey fags, KFChizzle here giving you guys a quick update on some shit that we’ve done over the past couple of weeks. We just jacked the band Muse’s tumblr (I didn’t even know jacking Tumblr’s was a thing.) aswell as the lead singer’s (Matt Bellamy) facebook page. <- 30,000 followers <- 215,000 followers



We also gained admin access to the following domains: (Greets to Crusader) ( LEARN TO NETWORK SECURITY, YOU STUPID FUCKS) (Biggest ISP in India) (FrOsTy insisted we hack this, not really sure why)

Here are some pics of the hacks:
Logged into the server:
Server disconnecting due to reinstallation:
Logging into the Cyberoam panel:
DNS/Net Configuration #1:
DNS/Net Configuration #2:
DNS/Net Configuration #3:
Before reinstalling:
DNS/Net Configuration #4:
Some random shit on the control panel:
More random shit:

We’ll be dropping more shit soon that will hopefully make some neckbeard out there laugh. Just making sure people know that we’re still doing shit, even if not all of it is released.

P.S. im gay as fuck


Twitters v6

Another couple Twitters gotĀ popped by your fellow neighborhood apes. <- 131,000 followers <- 1,230,000 followers






Love, Welfare & KFC


Twitters v5

Clan Vv3 just done jacked these fools . <- 189,000 followers <- 45,800 followers <- 795,000 followers


To get


lil noob
Get merked

The Story of Maniac

The story of Maniac a liar who blatantly talked shit behind the back of somebody in an effort to help his lying.
Maniac is somebody who likes to get owned and continue to use the Internet even after they’ve been owned countless times. The first example of this was done by Dictate a long time ago back when he used the Internets.
Maniac’s First Dox
This dox was flawed as I was later to find out after researching Maniac extensively for the past month or so now. Most of it was correct there were details missed that I have now corrected courtesy of the fact that Maniac was simply incapable of listening to my offers.
As the story first unfolds I had decided to prove a point and just dox some basic people who were close to Maniac to ensure I was a serious opponent and I was ready to take him down just as quickly.
Whiskr’s Dox
Brandon’s Dox
These two were easy pickings and didn’t take long to figure out. I have quite a bit more information too as my obvious fallback in case something happens in this release.
So now it’s come time for me to release all the work that I’ve been working on throughout the on and off times that I’ve decided to continue the ownage.
First of all, allow me to introduce the dox on Maniac v2, now improved many times over.
Maniac v2 Dox
Next, allow me to explain how I rooted his box multiple times.
I found the backend IP from the CloudFlare by requesting an email and reviewing the headers from the server, I then used an old password of his that I had from a compromised email and SSH’d into the server. I then stole every single file that I needed to and did what I needed to. I had defaced the website which was active for a very short period of time (5 minutes). He then freaked out and shut down the server, which made him miss the fact that I had setup a backdoor on his server. I then dug through the files after he got the server back up and found a file that allowed me to LFI (getcont.php), which let me see what sort of changes he made for security. Not many.
QuantumBooter owned
To finalize everything I have left him without three resources power, gas, and water.

Good game mate.
Love, Welfare.