The Story of Maniac

The story of Maniac a liar who blatantly talked shit behind the back of somebody in an effort to help his lying.
Maniac is somebody who likes to get owned and continue to use the Internet even after they’ve been owned countless times. The first example of this was done by Dictate a long time ago back when he used the Internets.
Maniac’s First Dox
This dox was flawed as I was later to find out after researching Maniac extensively for the past month or so now. Most of it was correct there were details missed that I have now corrected courtesy of the fact that Maniac was simply incapable of listening to my offers.
As the story first unfolds I had decided to prove a point and just dox some basic people who were close to Maniac to ensure I was a serious opponent and I was ready to take him down just as quickly.
Whiskr’s Dox
Brandon’s Dox
These two were easy pickings and didn’t take long to figure out. I have quite a bit more information too as my obvious fallback in case something happens in this release.
So now it’s come time for me to release all the work that I’ve been working on throughout the on and off times that I’ve decided to continue the ownage.
First of all, allow me to introduce the dox on Maniac v2, now improved many times over.
Maniac v2 Dox
Next, allow me to explain how I rooted his box multiple times.
I found the backend IP from the CloudFlare by requesting an email and reviewing the headers from the server, I then used an old password of his that I had from a compromised email and SSH’d into the server. I then stole every single file that I needed to and did what I needed to. I had defaced the website which was active for a very short period of time (5 minutes). He then freaked out and shut down the server, which made him miss the fact that I had setup a backdoor on his server. I then dug through the files after he got the server back up and found a file that allowed me to LFI (getcont.php), which let me see what sort of changes he made for security. Not many.
QuantumBooter owned
To finalize everything I have left him without three resources power, gas, and water.

Good game mate.
Love, Welfare.

My Recent Security Vulnerability

Figured I’d talk about something that recently happened or what happened tonight anyway.
(02/10/2014) AmerifatTimestampStandard
So I was doing my thing being a dumb ape when all of a sudden I get two new friends requests on Jabber.
Knowing me I instantly add them because I’m a faggot with no friends, and then what follows is a guy by the name of Respire starts messaging me hostile as could be for no apparent reason.
He then goes onto explain that he’s doxing me, and he’s going to fuck me up if I don’t let him take over Vv3.
Anyway, this is all irrelevant as he later went onto explain about how he was going to root my server from which case I laughed hard because I’ve heard this at least 20 times.
From which case I ask, how?
He responds an LFI.
(Side note: I do think he was just joking around, and I didn’t take him seriously.)

Which actually got me to thinking is there the possibility an LFI even exists on my server?
I thought it was unlikely that an LFI did exist, but as I thought about it I realized the WelfareIM my original site had previously been text document to convert it I integrated SQL but didn’t want to import all of the files so decided to keep it text based where it just reads text documents.
So obviously that opens up the capability that somebody could actually LFI my server.
So I quickly open up FTP access my WelfareIM files and go straight into the /dox folder continue to edit my index.php file.
Obviously what comes next? I find that I have very few security checks in place to prevent an LFI.
Then, I quickly remove the $_GET in PHP and save.
Next, I notice how stupid I made it, it would have literally read any .txt document as long as they would be able to get the correct path in the name field.
They also would not have been able to leave the directory of that specific account I make every single website I host an individual account that is stuck inside of its own allocated space.
So I quickly implemented a solution to just verify the input of the name field to check the validity of it in the database obviously preventing SQL injection through a basic real_escapse_string as well as no error logs, just in case.
My next thought was to dig through the raw access_logs of my server and see just how much had been accessed if any data was compromised from the attack.
Surely enough there were many attempts over the past month to exploit this certain file, not quite sure what made them think this file is vulnerable since it gives no signs that it is, but they were.
I double checked and made sure that no data was accessed whatsoever, and fortunately there were no successful attempts made.
Also, for some odd reason some ape was trying to RFI it not quite sure how they think that’ll work, but more luck to them.

So to finish up what I was saying fellow primates, all apes are vulnerable because we eat bananas.
Obviously I changed all my passwords on the server even ones with disabled logins aka root.
Moral of the story is really cut down the amount of bananas you eat, it could leave you hacked.

tl;dr: I’m a dumb primate and I probably could have been expozed like an access log or some shit; I don’t know what they’d get their paws on as .txt with very limited access.

Love, Welfare.

TeamHype #pwned

Ahoy primates of the internet!
The KFC Crusader here presenting you with a little dox that the gang of Vv3 has compiled. Let me start with a little background information on the target. We chose to go after a self proclaimed “hacking team” that goes by Team Hype. Team Hype specilizes in jacking (buying) original gamertags, twitters, aims, skypes, etc. A few months ago I dropped a dox on one of their members called “Drift”. Team Hype contacted us with empty threats of hacking and raping us. :’( bawwww…
So after nothing happened, we had a period of inactivity on the internet and generally forgot about TeamHype. When I returned I was contacted by a poor black male named James (Later identified as the ghost of Emmett Till) saying that Team Hype had tried flexing their (very) small and flacid e-peens on us and started, as the kids say “beef”.
Uh oh! This looks like a job for the NAACP of the internet. After realising that none of them use VPNs (except Sinister.) We quickly put our very minimal SEing skills to work, and we were able to compile this little zine of information. Enjoy!

Greets to Vv3, Rustleleague and Doxbin.

We’ll update as soon as we get more information.

    Name: Ryan Stevenson
    DOB: 09/12/1992
    Address: 5 Union St, Milford, CT 06460
    Mother: Terri Stevenson
    Maiden Name: Terri Higgins
    DOB: 11/07/1961
    Phone Number: 203-877-9068 – Landline, AT&T
    Address: 5 Union St, Milford, CT 06460
Previous Addresses:
1. 133 Seemans Ln #8, Milford, CT 06460
2. 10 Perth St, Bridgeport, CT 06606
3. 46 Sherbrook Rd, Milford, CT 06460
4. 10 Perth St, Milford, CT 06460
5. 46 Sherbrook Rd, Milford, CT 06461
    Father: Mel Stevenson
    DOB: 01/31/1956
    Phone Number: 203-877-9068 – Landline, AT&T
    Address: 5 Union St, Milford, CT 06460
    Credit Score: 759 – Excellent
    Visa: XXXXXXXXXX8057, Exp: 06/2013
    Brother: Raymond Stevenson
    Phone Number: 203-815-5036
    Address: 5 Union St, Milford, CT 06460
    DDoS Number:
    Name on file: Terri Stevenson
    DOB on file: 11/07/1961
    Phone on file: 203-877-9068
    Address on file: 5 Union St, Milford, CT 06460
    Email on file:
    Account #: 0780637050501
    MAC Address: 0016B5586F52
    AIM: phobia
    Skype: phobia
    Twitter: notphobia
    ^b& not byme :3
        aka: Danny, Skull, Fry
    Name: Danny Dorschel
    Phone: (407) 704-4153
    Address: 3165 Timucua Cir, Orlando, FL 32837
    Father: Gary Thomas Dorschel
    DOB: 05/16/1948
    Phone: (941) 925-3554
    Address: 5124 Brightmour Cir, Orlando, FL 32837
Previous Addresses:
1. 4712 Lark Ridge Cir, Sarasota, FL 34233
2. 14 Greenhaven Rd, Rochester, NY 14617
3. 4421 Burbank Ave, Sarasota, FL 34231
Previous Phone Numbers:
1. (941) 926-2586
2. (941) 925-3554
3. (941) 926-2586
Past Occupation: Dorschel Hotel Consultants
Business informations for DORSCHEL HOTEL CONSULTANTS, INC.
Identification number:P03000094635
Business Type: Domestic for Profit
Company Status: INACTIVE
Incorporation date:08/28/2003
Last statement: ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT on 09/16/2005
Business Address: 4712 LARK RIDGE CIRCLE, SARASOTA FL 34233
Mailing Address: 4712 LARK RIDGE CIRCLE, SARASOTA FL 34233
State: FL
FEI/EIN Number: 050584318
Officer detail:
Title D
    Mother: Maureen Dorschel
    DOB: 11/04/1959
    Phone: (813) 351-2506
    Address: 4712 Lark Ridge Cir, Sarasota, FL 34233
Previous Addresses:
1. 5124 Brightmour Cir, Orlando, FL 32837
2. 14227 Islamorada Dr, Orlando, FL 32837
3. 4421 Burbank Ave #121, Sarasota, FL 34231
4. 1909 Sanford Cir, Sarasota, FL 34234
Previous Phone Numbers:
1. (941) 351-2506
2. (941) 925-3554
3. (941) 926-2586
    Twitter: skull
    Skypes: curleythegod, patrick.dorschel, thatfrykid, thenamesreagan, aseasonedcurley, connor.lane47, ttg.curley-, curley1337, danny.dorschel1993
    E-mails: – XXX-XXX-XX28  - XXX-XXX-XX30 – f••••••••••
    DDoS Number:
    Name on file: Gary Dorschel
    DOB on file: 05/16/1948
    Phone on file: 407-704-4153
    Address on file: 3165 Timucua Cir, Orlando, FL 32837
    Account #: 010069437703
    Username: – Go to
    Emails on file:, Password: 52267733
    mac: 90:6E:BB:F7:7A:04
Name: Edvantae Dunn
Phone Number: 619-931-0844
Address: 404 47th St #24 San Diego, CA 92102
Passwords: chargers1
GatesHF@hotmail.comSkype: omgitztrojan – Jacked

Database Entries:

hackforums.sql:(612922, ‘GatesAG’, ’19166032596e13704e375794cf031a35′, ‘eQu8VO8d’, ‘kPUkVWSc4XId5ndNYUD2Q3kEy2WTE6CTJiEalDJ7qQqVPRZL6M’, ‘’, 5, 0, 0.00, NULL, NULL, NULL, 2, NULL, 0, NULL, 1293073608, 1298122809, 1298117799, 1298103246, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, ’28-2-1980′, ‘all’, NULL, NULL, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, ‘linear’, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, NULL, NULL, -8, 0, 2, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL, ’1**$%%$2**$%%$3**$%%$4**’, NULL, 0, 0, 0, ’′, ’′, 1220897315, 1220897315, NULL, 42204, 1, 10, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, NULL)


forumkorner.sql:(’7213′,’GatesAG’,’95128fe08cc94721332f114f54b3ff5a’,’xnfRsfLz’,”,’’,’23′,’0′,”,”,”,’7′,”,’0′,”,’1333660320′,’1345963301′,’1345963301′,’1339239266′,”,’0′,”,”,”,’18-2-1980′,’all’,”,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,’-8′,’1′,’2′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can’,”,’0′,’0′,’-5′,’′,’′,’1220897315′,’1220897692′,”,’123425′,’1′,’8′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’34′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’0.00′,’1′,’1′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);





forumkorner.sql(’16183′,’Jock’,’d19c6f70b56c7da0c0f5477926706a61′,’ybaRG1rF’,”,’’,’107′,’0′,’./uploads/avatars/avatar_16183.jpeg?dateline=1356654358′,’120|120′,’upload’,’7′,”,’0′,”,’1348191629′,’1358472163′,’1358472163′,’1357943302′,’’,’0′,’oMgiTzTroJaN’,”,”,’1-12-1980′,’all’,’[align=center][b]AIM: oMgiTzTroJaN\r\n[/b][/align]‘,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,’-8′,’0′,’2′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**$%%$2**$%%$3**$%%$4**’,”,’0′,’0′,’56′,’′,’′,’1220897692′,’1220875976′,”,’443805′,’1′,’132′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’415′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’303.46′,’1′,’1′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);

forumkorner.sql:(’18556′,’Really’,’4339b232f01c6626d577f59372764e45′,’ZXeKd6ic’,”,’’,’17′,’0′,”,”,”,’7′,”,’0′,”,’1355960841′,’1358487875′,’1358487875′,’1358387891′,”,’0′,”,”,”,’2-4-1990′,’all’,”,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,’-8′,’0′,’2′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can’,”,’0′,’0′,’-10′,’′,’′,’-1376436088′,’1220875976′,”,’53697′,’1′,’12′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’55′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’83.44′,’1′,’1′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);


forumkorner.sql:(’19883′,’Trojan’,’104d8602705b77fc4d9972fef9d2086d’,’KDlHKhOC’,’qyhppnI8rwFsp3KqRxBuZu9T5BUszmcZtU4iZYGwTH3hjNUjDO’,’’,’83′,’4′,’./uploads/avatars/avatar_19883.jpg?dateline=1361102174′,’100|100′,’upload’,’19′,’40,41′,’40′,’Legend’,’1358488000′,’1364160091′,’1364158185′,’1364155207′,”,’0′,’Troja.n’,”,”,’1-1-1990′,’all’,’[color=#000000][b][align=center][i]AIM: Troja.n[/i][/align][/b][/color]‘,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’-8′,’1′,’2′,”,’19973′,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can’,”,’0′,’0′,’280′,’′,’′,’1220875976′,’1655759880′,”,’798113′,’1′,’494′,’0′,’4′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’1422′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’623.00′,’1′,’0′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);

IP Addresses:

ISP: Sprint

Name on file: Edvantae Dunn
Phone on file: 619-931-0844
Address on file: 404 47th St #24 San Diego, CA 92102
Account Number: 976328143

        aka: JoKeR, Bloody, Doxing, Chaos, Satan, #Satan, Murder, Hate, Epic, XV,
    Name: Josh Adams
    Address: 13795 White Eagle Rd, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009
    IP: – 02/01/13 – 4g?
    ISP: Sprint PCS
    Organization: Sprint PCS
    From FK:
(’17325′,’#Satan’,’5927b5d530abc5d13b44dd3c30916ba1′,’5eIMfbOl’,’SyHU3TFyDtThP5xqZGhxulOsbLz9wm64MsC1p56knWgq5FpLH1′,’’,’836′,’5′,”,”,”,’41′,’80,19′,’41′,’#Team Nemesis’,’1353119304′,’1364154239′,’1364152760′,’1364141981′,”,’0′,’Satan , Bloody’,’Bloody’,’’,’1-1-1985′,’all’,’[color=#FF0000]Aim: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Hate[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Aim: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Epic[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Aim: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Blue[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Aim: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Satan[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Skype: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Murder[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Instagram: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Devil[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Twitter: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]Doxing[/color]\r\n[color=#FF0000]Gamertag: [/color] [color=#A9A9A9]vx Satan[/color]‘,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’-8′,’0′,’2′,’14382′,’5883′,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**$%%$2**$%%$3**$%%$4**’,”,’0′,’0′,’455′,’′,’′,’-1202922907′,’-730404611′,”,’1494625′,’1′,’561′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’This is Joker. His main account got deleted, again.’,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’2358′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’130.26′,’1′,’0′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);
aka: TheRealDrift, DriftTheGod, Drift, Mafios33, Viktorlzz, etc.
Name: Viktor Lulgjuraj
Address: 111 E 75th Street, New York, New York, 10021, USA
Father: Zef Lulgjuraj
Emails: // Hacked, suspended // Hacked // Hacked
Home IPs: // RoadRunner, New York, New York – // RoadRunner, New York, New York –
Database Strings:
forumkorner.sqlVALUES (’12242′,’Drift’,’3b924a6ab0be66a574c25c93cf3929b3′,’QwLR4xJA’,”,’’,’0′,’0′,”,”,”,’7′,”,’0′,”,’1328977072′,’1328977072′,’1328977072′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,’all’,”,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’2′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,”,’0′,’0′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,”,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,’0′,’0′,”,’0′,’1′,’2′,’2′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’7′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’7′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,”,”,NULL,’0.00′,’1′,’1′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);
forumkorner.sqlVALUES (’16615′,’TheRealDrift’,’4f38b3f5f833f93ec51d0780d9eb0e4a’,’ttQoNU57′,’NMfwi4sLWuwL987LKCwqQ2vFpTBHmeYegwsqoCgHx631bDgBz7′,’’,’215′,’0′,’./uploads/avatars/avatar_16615.jpg?dateline=1350961591′,’100|67′,’upload’,’2′,”,’2′,”,’1350167661′,’1363553379′,’1363505724′,’1363552845′,”,’0′,’Satanile // Approvance // Fick // Laxten’,”,’’,’2-9-1989′,’all’,’[align=center]AIM:\r\nSkype: Approvance (Dictate Guessed the pass and feels like a tuff guy) LOL But still can\’t do SHIT\r\nXbox: Swagger[/align]\r\n\r\n’,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’-8′,’0′,’2′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**$%%$2**$%%$3**$%%$4**’,”,’0′,’0′,’138′,’′,’′,’1114412470′,’1114412470′,”,’1182556′,’1′,’190′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’665′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’708.50′,’1′,’0′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);
forumkorner.sql:VALUES (’18826′,’TTGSean’,’090b4f35c31c995258d50aecebf7b5eb’,’N6SAkROi’,”,’’,’1′,’0′,”,”,”,’7′,”,’0′,”,’1356493810′,’1356495173′,’1356495173′,’1356494188′,”,’0′,”,”,”,’8-2-1987′,’all’,”,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’2′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,’-8′,’0′,’2′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can’,”,’0′,’0′,’-25′,’′,’′,’1114412470′,’1114412470′,”,’1363′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’21′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’0.00′,’1′,’1′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);
forumkorner.sql:VALUES (’21183′,’Thugs out here’,’04caf733f5784a552f149a21c287e424′,’yQwKPGJZ’,’CVZgeztRU8ougeKE73hhrALPzRIX5gmUpFaW8SvLZEabUZ2fiO’,’’,’0′,’0′,”,”,”,’7′,”,’0′,”,’1361854597′,’1363486568′,’1363486568′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,’2-1-1989′,’all’,”,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,’-8′,’0′,’2′,”,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,”,”,’0′,’0′,’0′,’′,’′,’1114412470′,’1114412470′,”,’5666′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,”,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’4′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’25.00′,’1′,’0′,’{\”rep\”:1,\”pm\”:1,\”buddylist\”:1,\”quoted\”:1,\”post_threadauthor\”:1}’);
viruzmafia.sql:(170, ‘Servicezz’, ‘d90b576dc38750af7abb588237d2b596′, ‘SMkEUwoi’, ’74jrvNlunD9Yej3H3pmWSwqkIAI1hk16rFUZQ275VpEArWarNW’, ‘’, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, 2, NULL, 0, NULL, 1306706383, 1307229961, 1307214873, 1306971466, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, ‘all’, NULL, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, ‘linear’, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, NULL, NULL, -5, 1, 2, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL, ’1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can’, NULL, 0, 0, 0, ’′, ’′, -1376439050, -954498899, NULL, 23483, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, NULL, 5, 0)
viruzmafia.sql: ,(169, ‘Drift’, ’188f9da698a6265392746335c88f6d44′, ’1Fo7jM3E’, ‘DX2JU8yTmMQCMj6iKYBZCtUOF138ESS6pJEaNRQoOaU591OzLK’, ‘’, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, 2, NULL, 0, NULL, 1306704651, 1306706345, 1306706345, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, ‘all’, NULL, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, ‘linear’, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, NULL, NULL, -5, 1, 2, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL, ’1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can’, NULL, 0, 0, 0, ’′, ’′, -1376439050, -1376439050, ‘english’, 1697, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, NULL, 3, 0)
asylum.db:Drift b18989c46d5c2066ecc363eb2f0f365b5c521fcb
New personal Twitter:
(Changed from Viktorlzz)
Name: Devon Miller
6588 Snow Apple Drive, Independence MI 48346 (most likely)
636 Lawson Dr Lake Orion, MI 48362 (less likely)
Phone Number:
(248) 707-6060
(248) 814-0896
BlackBerry ID:              (Thanks to chF for getting this.)
Name: Devon Miller
Screen Name: shadow-46373
Mother: Therese Marie Miller, Therese Lederman Bottorff (2 names?)
Address: 636 Lawson Dr Lake Orion, MI 48362
Previous Phone Numbers:
1. (313) 625-4341
2. (248) 693-0083
3. (248) 814-0896
Previous Addresses:
1. 5552 Chestnut Hill Dr #D, Clarkston, MI 48346
2. 4345 Monroe Ave, Waterford, MI 48329
3. 6760 Transparent Ave, Clarkston, MI 48346
4. 4345 Monroe Ave, Waterford Township, MI 48329
5. 1548 Old Colchester Rd, Oakdale, CT 06370
Skypes: maybeShadow, shadowololol
IP Address:                     (From Skype Account)
Latitude, Longitude     42.5467, -83.21132 (42°32’48″S   -83°12’41″E)
Connection through      AT&T INTERNET SERVICES
IP: //
IP: //
IP: //
ATT Account:
Name on file: Therese Marie Miller
Last 4 of SSN: 9260
Last 4 of DL: 5017
Address On File: 6588 Snow Apple Drive, Independence MI 48346
Phone Number: 248-707-6060 – Landline, AT&T
Phone Number: 248-245-0783 – Cell, AT&T
Email: – Jacked
Account #: 121098649
User ID:
From FK db:
(’7927′,’Shadow’,’5f30bbf59df4a00c289cc4fa7c498fa9′,’7Ioqzazh’,’58h3bDRAufMBHVCPKddBJQ17Ce73kQAv7LFSLpFT2JpmFhLAK4′,’’,’2968′,’12′,’./uploads/avatars/avatar_7927.jpg?dateline=1364150475′,’120|120′,’upload’,’85′,’45,19,41,14,59,42′,’42′,’If you need help, feel free to pm me.’,’1337310429′,’1364162095′,’1364122230′,’1364153169′,’’,’0′,”,”,”,”,’none’,’[align=center][img][/img][/align]\r\n[align=center][size=small]A tiger doesn\’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.[/size][/align]‘,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’2′,’0′,’linear’,’1′,’1′,’1′,’1′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’-5′,’1′,’2′,’8740,6037,1,7244,7342,7184,8651,9999,1083,13930,14913,7379′,”,’35′,’0′,’0′,’0′,”,’1**$%%$2**$%%$3**$%%$4**’,”,’0′,’4′,’1645′,’′,’′,’1173660693′,’1660568768′,’english’,’2737913′,’1′,’1679′,’3′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’1′,’0′,’Old signature:\r\n[img][/img]\r\nHey guys,dyou know that the user BTW is a moderator for XBL? lol\r\n[img][/img]\r\\r\n\r\nHas a free username change on a banned or inactive username, he wanted \”Shadow\” however it is not eligible yet.’,’0′,”,”,”,”,”,’3717′,’0.0000000000′,’0′,”,NULL,NULL,NULL,’2241.57′,’1′,’0′,’{\”rep\”:\”on\”,\”pm\”:0,\”buddylist\”:\”on\”,\”quoted\”:\”on\”,\”post_threadauthor\”:\”on\”}’);
From db:,’notShadow’,’016e4bcdac44f3af74b7c664afc8bed0′,’BAgvFbR3′,’MosZSCiEk4P92n1Ro5p5pbpzMEfNOF9k7vIkjMpUEIQSKX7yzY’,’’,4,,’./uploads/avatars/avatar_2603.jpg?dateline=1364262551′,’100|75′,’upload’,2,,,,1364220439,1365184013,1364820213,1364523707,’’,,,,,’1-6-1913′,’none’,,,1,1,,1,,1,,,1,1,1,1,,,,,,’2′,,2,,,,,,,,,,,1,-9,’′,’′,1500291452,1660568768,’english’,20353,1,2,,,,,,,,,,,2,,’184.00′,,,,),’maybeShadow’,’e328b4b7855d03260106b09372161c20′,’OCuJpPA8′,’ovNRJBNroc6hcmKECO2zPIvgUlqLZ5Q8m7inibeiaVo51OivH2′,’’,,,,,,7,,,,1368400547,1368401928,1368401928,1368401575,,,,,,’12-6-1972′,’all’,,,1,,1,,,1,,,1,1,1,1,,,,,,,,2,,,,,,,,,,2632,,-2,’′,’′,77327685,77327685,,1381,1,,,,,,,,1,,,,1,,’50.00′,,,,)

We back up baby.

At first we acted like we was never gonna be coming back up. Now we are, and we taking over baby.

So this means that we now have to decide what we’re going to be doing now that we’re reorganizing for the fifth time.

I’ve obviously changed the theme of the website. I’m going to be maintaining it more frequently, hopefully posting at least twice a month. Even if it is just updates.

I’ll be re-releasing my other site, soon too.

We should be hacking some stuff, and I’ll be writing code and whatnot to release even.

We’re going to maybe get back into the whole Twitter/YouTube/Facebook thing we had going back when we were getting 1000 unique views a day, no joke. We got around 3000 page views. We also had a 33% bounce ratio, not that great, I know.

Thank you for reading, Welfare.